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We make filling cavities easy. More children suffer from tooth decay than any other chronic disease. The stats are alarming: According to the CDC, 1 out of every 5 children aged 5 to 11 years old has at least one untreated decayed tooth.

And when left untreated, decayed teeth become a serious problem. Broken-down enamel allows bacteria to make its way to the pulp, and the down to the blood vessels and nerves that run through the root. Getting an infection there will require an uncomfortable and expensive root canal.

That’s what makes preventative care so important. It all starts with getting your kids to brush and floss regularly at home, and when cavities do pop up, you have to take care of them as soon as you can.

Making the Dental Experience as Comfortable as Possible

Going to the dentist can be an upsetting experience even for adults, and it’s especially so for kids. We have the expertise and the tools to make it as stress-free as it can be.

It’s common for children to be nervous the first few times they visit the dentist. Be sure to let them know what to expect, especially on the first dental visit, and use positive reinforcement after they are done.

One tool we use in particular to make children less anxious is the DentalVibe. Novocain takes the pain away from the drilling required to fill cavities, but injecting that Novocain with a standard needle stings. The DentalVibe technology uses gentle vibrations to make injections pain-free, so there’s no reason for anyone to be stressed about the cavity-filling process here at Anderson Dental.

Crafting Attractive Smiles for Kids & Adults

We’ll keep your child’s smile looking bright and white, too, as our whitening practices are far more effective than any product you’ll find on a store shelf.

Also, kids can be rowdy sometimes. They just might crack or chip one of their teeth. We can fix that crack or chip using a veneer (a thin layer of porcelain or tooth-colored material applied to the front of the tooth) or a crown (similar to a veneer, but larger and fits over the whole tooth) to correct the cosmetic damage and prevent the health complications that come with exposing the pulp behind a crack/chip.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our family-related or other dental services.

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